FAQs & Answers

The answers to some commonly asked questions you might have on your mind:


  • Can I get tattooed or pierced if I am not yet 18 years old?

So sorry, the answer is NO. We DO NOT work on minors. You must be at least 18 years old, with a state issued photo ID to receive any services here at Genuine Tattoo Co.

  • What if I have parent consent?

No. We honor no parent consent of any kind.

  • What if I bring my mom with me?


  • What if I bring my dad?

No, but nice try.

  • How much does a tattoo cost & why can you not tell me over the telephone how much I will spend?

To accurately price a tattoo design, many variable factors must first be considered. These are size, placement, color, complexity of the design, & frankly, how busy we are when you come in. As we all know supply & demand rule all economics, & when we are in high demand & short supply, or low demand & long on supply, your price will reflect this too. This is the way of all good tattoo shops, the difference here is, we tell you this up front.

  • What is your Shop Minimum?

The shop minimum is $50.00.

  • How much will my piercing cost?

Standard piercing price is $45.00 for the first piercing & $70.00 if you get two, on the same person, on the same visit. This price includes piercing, quality starter jewelry, aftercare product & tax. Of course we offer jewelry upgrades as well for your new piercing. We carry a full line of high end, made in U.S.A. internally threaded jewelry with shiny colored Cubic Zirconia gem ends to sparkle up your piercing right away, for a few dollars more.

  • I called around & the other guys said they would pierce me for $10.00, why are you so expensive? 

Indeed, you will notice that our piercing prices are higher than many shops around. This is due to the quality of jewelry used in your piercing & the cost of the aftercare product provided with your piercing. We only use high grade stainless steel & titanium body jewelry for piercing & your piercing as well as your pricing will reflect this. You do get what you pay for & we all know what we're worth.

  • Do I need an appointment or do you take walk ins?

We are a walk in shop so you do not need an appointment.
Though we do take appointments for larger, more intricate work & will happily book an appointment for those traveling long distance to get work done, we do require a cash deposit for most appointments, so they will need to be made in person.
Since we are a walk in shop, it is best to arrive early if you intend to get tattooed. We do tend to "bottleneck up" towards the end of the day as we finish jobs on those who have been waiting, and chances of getting in are better for those who arrive early.

  • If I walk in right before you close, will I still get service?

Often times you will, depending on many different circumstances & you should be prepared to pay a bit extra for keeping your artist working late.

  • Do you sell tattoo supplies & piercing needles & stuff so I can go home & do it myself or have this guy I know who's really good & has a license & used to have his own shop do it for me in my bathroom or garage or whatever?

No we do not sell supplies, thanks for asking.

  • Do you know where I can get supplies?

I know where I can get supplies, but you are on your own, good luck & have a nice day.

  • Will you do a white tattoo?

No. White tattoos do not hold well and you can expect them to fade. Taking your money to do something we know is not in your best interest isn't something we're about.

  • Will you tattoo my hands, feet, head, neck, behind the ear, face or genitals? 

Yes, if you got it, we will tattoo it. Expect to pay a premium on these areas, as they take more time & expertise to tattoo properly, the charges will reflect this. There is a $100.00 minimum on the hands, feet & above the collarbones.
Also expect a hefty handling fee for tattooing on your junk, triple the tattoo cost plus $100.00 handling fee. Yup, no kidding, but for a nice gem like a pecker tattoo, the cost is very reasonable.

  • Is there a charge for you to draw my design?

Yes & no. If we are to do you a tattoo, then a drawing is a necessary part of the process. However, if we were to sit down to do the old song & dance for everyone who was "maybe kinda thinking about getting tattooed, like next month or whatever cause my cousin got one & it's really great", then we would be way to busy to help anyone who was locked & loaded, ready to go.

So the fix is this, if you're getting tattooed today, there's no problem doing your drawing. Then, let's get in the chair & get busy. If you're the "maybe in a week, i just want to see what you can work up for me" type, then break out your dollars. The drawing deposit amount depends on the drawing.

Do you do free touch ups?

We do not do free touch ups. Any touch up required will be charged at least the $50.00 shop minimum, so take good care of your new tattoo.

  • What do you mean you don't do free touch ups?

If we were to forget to color in an area, then of course we would happily fix our error. However if your tattoo looked good when it was bandaged, received both artist & customer approval, then returns to show a lack of care on the customers part, that is on you.

Please understand that there are two parts to a fine tattoo. First there is the application, that's on us. Second & just as important, is the proper care of a new tattoo, that's on you.

As it is not reasonable to hold the artist accountable for the proper care of a new tattoo, & since all can immediately see, upon completion of a new tattoo whether or not the artist has held up his end of the bargain, and we now understand that it is just as important what happens after the bandage is applied as it is before the bandage is applied, then I'm sure we can agree that free touch up is an unnecessary shop policy.

Also keep in mind that if an artist offers free touch up as shop policy, it may be that they know the work is substandard to begin with & may also be an indication that they are "crying uncle" before the games even begin.

  • Will you do my tattoo with no black outline? 

No. We do not do tattoos without outlines. As we have both beliefs in the right & wrong of how a tattoo should be applied, & ultimately hold authorship on every job that we do, there are some lines we will not cross. Tattoos with no black is one of those lines.