20 Years of Genuine Unfiltered Tattooing


Genuine Tattoo Co. was founded in 1998 in Bloomington, Indiana & we enjoy a large & stable customer base. Most of our business is repeat or referral. This is proven by the fact that we stay busy, & have run successfully with no paid advertising for many years now. We believe this is a direct result of treating customers the way they deserve to be treated & putting forth our best effort on each & every job.  Yes we do play favorites here, the customer that is in the chair is always the favorite, & everybody gets a turn.

We are not the cheapest around, but we are very good at what we do.  We believe, according to time tested business theory, that there are three basic principles to business.  These are quality, service, & price.  Since it is only possible to provide two of the three, we choose quality and service.

Do not come here looking for $10 piercings or discount tattoos.  Come here to find the service & quality your dollars deserve. If the least expensive tattoo is what you seek, please look elsewhere.

“If a haircut lasted a lifetime, would you not choose your barber carefully, & would cost really make any difference?”

Genuine Tattoo Co. is owned & operated by Shannon Simpson who spent eight years learning his trade from the late, great Tattoo Charlie in Louisville, Kentucky and is fortunate  to have Zi Tam from Brooklyn NY, who learned right here at Genuine Tattoo Co.  to help make the wheels turn every day.

You can see Charlie’s influence in every aspect of the tattoo shop & in every job that walks out the door.

You can expect a clean & readable tattoo or proper piercing using only high quality jewelry & you can count on it being done with a courteous manner in a sanitary environment, by an experienced professional.

If you have any questions pertaining to piercings, tattoos or pricing please call or stop in. Any messages sent to our page or Facebook may not be received or responded to in a timely manner, so we always suggest a stop into the shop. 


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