Genuine Tattoo Co.
High Mileage Tattoo
Are you up for the challenge?
Genuine Tattoo Co. is always looking for talent.

It is not important that you have experience, we can help with that. It is important that you have drive, desire, and the right attitude.

Applicants must be well groomed, clear eyed, and clear minded. Show up ready to work and leave your problems at home. Tattoo shop work is real work, and one needs to be ready for it, if they are to be an asset to the shop and successful.

Most valued here are honesty, loyalty, integrity, reliability, and humility. We work as a team, and as a team, we share in all of the shop duties.

No one person is above any menial task, if you see it needs done, do it. This includes sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the toilet. In this way we run a clean, proper, and successful tattoo shop.

Rock stars need not apply, seek fame and fortune elsewhere, we're here to make a living.

If you are a person who feels you may fit this mold, and would like to try to join the Genuine Tattoo family, you may set up an interview appointment by sending an email to

Good Luck & Bring Your Best!!
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