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Amanda said:   February 11, 2013 7:33 pm PST
A few months ago, Shannon removed a surface piercing i got at another shop that had started to reject. I cried like a little girl but he put up with me and helped calm me down. Today, after it had healed, Shannon put in two microdermals in the same area (the nape of my neck). Again, i was a little baby about it, but he was very supportive and again put me at ease. I love this shop's expertise and professionalism and look forward to getting my next tattoo there. Highly recommend!

Sarah Glasgow said:   January 30, 2013 11:05 am PST
Got my first tattoo from Shannon back in 2008. Was hooked immediatly and am now working on a bodysuit. Not only did I have the honor of having work done by one of the artists that Shannon trained (Rachael Davies), but I have had some out of this world work done by the master himself. Genuine Tattoo is the ONLY place to go in Bloomington. Don't settle for half assed work from some here today, gone tomorrow "bargain store" .Instead, get quality tattoo done by a great artist who knows what a real tattoo is ! Thanks for the great tattoos, look forward to seeing you soon. Sarah.

Mattie Lee said:   January 25, 2013 2:25 pm PST
I have two tattoos from Genuine Tattoo Co, and I will continue coming back for more. It shows that both Shannon and Dave are professional tattoo artists, and they are experienced in their trade. Not only is their artwork clean and original, I also thoroughly enjoyed their conversation and willingness to work with me to create a tattoo that I continue to fall in love with with each and every passing day. Thank you Genuine Tattoo for making the world a more gorgeous place

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